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From the desk of Richard Nickel
Dear KoM Player,

If you haven't watched the video above, my name is Richard, and I am the creator of the Hobbit Kom Secrets product.

The reason you're here today is because you WANT unfair advantage in the game. Let me rephrase that, you NEED the unfair advantage.

I know how you feel, I was once at that point in my KoM career. I thought about quitting...but then I realized that's stupid, it's just a game.

Other players have huge army, big cities.. why can't I? It turns out, I could. And all I had to do was to learn the secrets of how they did it.

Over the last few months after learning some of the methods used by the pros, I improved upon these methods and began helping players on a case-by-case basis, but this wasn't enough....

Everywhere I went I saw beggars! Every time I was raiding there was always some idiot there who didn't have enough army to attack a level 2 wild.

What I'm offering you is a chance to have unfair advantage in the game. What's wrong with that?

If you continue down the page I will tell you about my product, why it's better than others, and what you'll learn. If that isn't enough, it's also 100% guaranteed to work.

Here's What You Get..

Besides the tools you will also get access to the following guides:

Learn All Of This And More!

  • How To Get Mithril For Free
  • How To Make Over 10 Million Might In One Month Or Less
  • How To Train Troops The Fastest Way Possible
  • How To Build Your 2nd City and 3rd City Without Paying for Relics
  • How To Build Your Cities The Right Way
  • How To Reach Level 50 In One Month Or Less
  • How To Attack Players Bigger Than You
  • How To Defend Like A PRO
  • How To Get Over 50 Million Resources From Other Players
  • How To Produce in Every City More Than 100,000 / hour of Each Resource
  • How To Keep The Resources You Get Safe
  • How To Do The Researches
  • How To Transform Your City:
  • And MUCH, MUCH, MORE! So much more, that if I put it all in this box you'd still be here reading it tomorrow.

Here Is Why My Product Is Unbeatable...

If you've continued to read this page, you've made the right choice. If you already know you want to get access to my product because it's already been proven to work then you can skip the rest of this page and GET ACCESS TODAY.

For those of you who are going to continue reading, GREAT! I highly encourage everyone to fully investigate a product before they try it, PLUS, I have a lot more to tell you!

I Am Always Updating It!...

My product contains two parts: Tools and Guides. In the video you saw earlier I showed you a cool tool. The other part, the guides, contain great informations that works. You will find detailed informations exactly what you should do and how you should do it. All these strategies are updated every week.

Super Easy To Use!

My guides are highly organized and easy to navigate so that you can find anything and everything as fast as humanly possible or at least as fast as you can click and read.

I've ran into my fair share of guides that are unsorted, ungrouped, and have no real way to navigate them. Oh sure, they advertise they have a table of contents but even that is unsorted, poorly named, and if you find something in there that you like, you probably won't be able to get back to it.

My guides are SIMPLE to use and has one of the most elite navigation structures ever created, I DARE you to try and NOT BE ABLE to find something.

No Cheating.. Just Easy To Follow Instructions

My guides do not contain any hacks or cheats, and is 100% LEGAL. I put a lot of time into my cities and the last thing I'm interested in is GETTING BANNED. I have read the entire End User License Agreement (that thing most people scroll through and click the accept button without reading) and all Hobbit KoM rules several times!

You will NOT get banned or suspended for using my product (tools and guides). My product requires nothing more than Kingdoms of Middle-Earth and you reading and applying the advice in the guides. I don't promote or support the use of third party hacks, bots, or cheats.

What Other People Are Saying

So how do you know you can trust me? I don't expect you to. Honestly, I've provided you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, bonus materials, pictures, and video proof above.

If you're still not convinced then why don't you see what other people who bought the product are saying? Below you'll find several video reviews I've received from people who have tried the product:

..And Don't Forget About My Guarantee!

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

That means if at any time in the first two months for any reason you're not absolutely satisfied with what you've got, all you have to do is shoot me a quick email at the address you'll find on the members page and I'll refund every penny you paid on the spot.

No hassles, no runarounds, and we part KoM friends. I'll just "thank you" for giving my tools and guides an honest try.

But That's Not All: You'll Also Get These
Incredible Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

Bonus #1 : The Complete Guide To The KoM

This guide will show you how to play the game starting from your first city and growing step by step. All the aspects of the game are included in this book. This e-book is a must have for all the hobbit KoM players.

Cost $27 (If Bought Separately)
Bonus #2 : Access To Our Private Hobbit KoM Community

Yes, that's right. We have a private section for our subscribers where all of us contribute with valuable informations. Imagine you have access to a private community with PRO players.

Cost $29 (If Bought Separately)
Bonus #3 : Attacking In KoM

This bonus is very cool. Will teach you everything you want to know about attacking which will give you an edge over the other players. You will find out how to annoy players, any level or might you want.

Cost $34,95 (If Bought Separately)
Bonus #4 : How To Start And Grow Your Own Alliance

Like the title says this e-book will teach you how to create your own alliance and bring it to the top. You will find out the best techniques to become the regent you always wanted.

Cost $16 (If Bought Separately)

The Hobbit Kom Secrets Membership and the FREE Bonuses (Value of $129,95) Instant Access
All Yours for Just $27!

That's right, you'll be able to get everything for a ONE-TIME payment of $27. Plus, if you have any questions, I'm here to help! Just email me at the address below and I'd be happy to get back to you with an answer as soon as I can!

The Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Secrets + Bonuses

Value of $129,95

Now Only $27

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*You will participate in a weekly contest to win a 800 mithril card gift and other prizes aswell.

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